RoundFlash Dish Review

RoundFlash is a company from Poland which produces two types of quality light modifiers for strobists. Round Flash Dish is the second product in the company’s portfolio, which is actually a collapsible soft beauty dish modifier that provides increased portability. It is a must-have accessory for the kit of any strobist photographer. In the following lines I will show you how useful it is in portraits and product photography.


Key Specifications:


  • Compatible with any external flash;
  • Universal velcro fastening;
  • Diameter: 45cm;
  • Pouch dimension: 20 x 16 cm;
  • Depth: 22cm;
  • Weight: 155g;
  • Flash circumference: 21,5cm ~ 26cm;
  • 2 year warranty.


Visual inspection


roundflash dish

The bag in which the product is delivered;

roundflash dish

RoundFlash dish unfolds just like a diaphragm;

roundflash dish

This is how the 45-cm dish looks;

roundflash dish

The depth of the modifier is 22 cm, enough to produce a uniform light without the specific highlight point of a softbox.

roundflash dish

The fastening is compatible with any flash marketed today.

The QR code is there to prove the originality of the product.

roundflash dish

The dish stays unfold using a metal rod made of two pieces which combine together in order to use the product in the best conditions.

roundflash dish

The interior central diffuser is cone-shaped and helps the uniform distribution of the light toward the diffuser in the front.

The back is padded with silver material to properly reflect the light.

roundflash dish

Here you can see the modifier attached to a Nikon SB910 alongside a stand.

It’s Use


I used the RoundFlash Dish with Cactus RF60 – Youngnuo 560-II – Pixel X800n flashes (review). It was extremely easy to attach it to any of the models. And the aperture / closing which is similar to a diaphragm, makes it extremely easy to use. I used it mostly in portraits and sometimes in product photography, and the results were very good; especially when it comes to photograph images printed on glossy paper (see review Epson L810). Its compact size and almost nonexistent weight allow easy transportation to different locations. The use of a RoundFlash Dish with a Manfrotto tripod as an arm extension (boom) is ideal. Currently there is no other light modifier more useful and more affordable than this one.



Photo gallery


calitate print epson l810 (1) calitate print epson l810 (23) calitate print epson l810 (28) calitate print epson l810 (12) calitate print epson l810 (10) calitate print epson l810 (30)

Pictures taken with RoundFlash Dish, prints made with Epson L810.

The photos were printed on glossy and super-glossy paper and the beauty-dish light matched perfectly.

I took the photos with the dish tilted at 45 degrees as against the print plane.

sample round flash dish (2)sample round flash dish (4)sample round flash dish (5) sample round flash dish (6)sample round flash dish (7)sample round flash dish (9)sample round flash dish (8)

All these pictures were taken with one RoundFlash Dish.

sample round flash dish (1) sample round flash dish (10)

The photos above are taken with two dishes.



RoundFlash Dish is a quality light modifier with a durable textile construction, and a universal fastening system which makes it easy to use. The light transmission is very good, and the results are excellent. It is a must-have accessory for any strobist photographer. RoundFlash Dish is available at Photosetup and F64 . The dish version is more affordable compared to RoundFlash Ring.



  • Good light transmission;
  • Quality textile construction;
  • Collapsible and easy to carry;
  • Light weight;
  • Decent price;
  • Very useful in many genres of photography;



  • The velcro fastening could have been better.